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Secretarial Courses Under Pitman's Commercial Teacher, Pitman's Shorthand,Office Correspondence,Office Skills,Secretarial Skills,Typing,Audio Typing,Business Correspondence Skills

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Secretarial Training in Dubai,United Arab Emirates Secretarial Courses
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Pitman's Shorthand

A thorough study of Pitman's Shorthand Theory, based on Pitman's New Era Shorthand presented on the principles of Pitman's Shorthand in a logical arrangement. The principles are stated briefly and simply, and each statement is followed by an adequate amount of application. Speed is developed alongside with the learning of theory and the principles expanded by a wide selection of Pitman material. On completion of the theory emphasis are laid on the development of speed and extension of business vocabulary. By the end of the course, students can expect to attain a speed of 70 words per minute.

Learn Pitman's Shorthand at A1SBS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Audio Typing

This is a 20-hours course. It consists of graded dictation material, beginning with short, simple sentences and proceeding via all the necessary stages (using the Royal Society of Arts conventions up to the standard of RSA Stage II). It aims at preparing the student to enter a commercial office with confidence.

Audio Typing Courses at A1SBS ,Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Learn Typing,Audio Typing  From Professional at Netcom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
To be an expert in typing we have specialized courses for beginners to advance stage in Typing and Audio Typing.
Keyboard mastery, correct fingering exercises, shift keys, alphabetical sentences, the tabulator, paragraphs, punctuation signs, line and division of words, copy exercises, underscoring, centering headings, typing from manuscripts different business letters and methods of layout, envelope addressing, carbon copying.
Letters with tabular statements, memorandums, agendas and minutes, filling in form letters and forms, invoicing, displayed work, tabular work, balance sheets and accounts, printers correction signs, speed and accuracy development and solving of past Pitman's Examination Papers.Typewriting is a 60-hours course and the students could expect to achieve a speed of 40 to 45 words per minute.
Office Skills
Improve Your Office Skills at A1SBS, Call at +971-4-2227434 , Dubai, United Arab Emirates This is a 20-hours. course, based on Pitman's syllabus. It covers topics such as :
  • The office as centre of information analysis
  • Place and responsibilities of various Heads of Departments
  • The Secretary
  • Personal relationships in the office
  • Working as part of a team
  • Office etiquette and reception duties
  • The business diary
  • Travel and itineraries
  • Problem solving, communications
  • The use of Shorthand and Audio systems for the dictation and transcription of communications.
  • The drafting and writing of letters, memoranda
  • Correct forms of address, telephone techniques
  • Preparation and circulation of agenda
  • Procedures adopted before and after meetings
  • Business reply services
  • Mail room and its functions
  • Telex, international calls, petty cash, bank loans and overdrafts
  • Use of different methods of filing and indexing
Business Correspondence

It is a 20-hours. Course, in which the student learns how to compose and draft letters from given instructions,dealing with business transactions, letters of enquiry and complaint sales letters, sending formal invitations and replies, as well as memoranda. Writing internal telegrams, faxes and other messages on general business matters is a part of this course.

Business Correspondence Courses at A1SBS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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